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3G stands for Third Generation universal cellular technology. 3G will enable video conversation over a mobile handset and will achieve high data speeds toe enable broadband surfing over the wide wide web. 3G will be compatible with all types of cellular networks such as GSM etc.


Short for Code-Division Multiple Access. Is a type cellular phone which is used in Canada, the US, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea and other Asian countries. It is transmitted over the 800 or 1900 MHz frequencies.


Short for Enhanced Media Service. Based on the old GSM technology, SMS it is more advanced than SMS as it can send through images and sounds as well. Like SMS, EMS uses SMS centres to make sure the message is sent correctly.


Short for General Packet Radio Service. Is a connection type that can send emails, MMS and to connect to the Internet on wireless handsets. It can not be used for phone calls as it transmits data in bursts not a continuous stream.

It is faster than GSM data rate as GPRS transmits on average 20 to 30 kbps compared to GSM's 9.6kbps.


Stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. GSM networks are featured in North America, Asia and of course the continent it originated from, Europe. GSM is by far the most popular cellular network which has a foothold in over 60 countries world wide.


Short for Multimedia Media Messaging. MMS can send pictures, sound, emails and text to other compatible mobile phones. When it sends email it does not send a standard email which attaches sound and pictures to but instead presentation file is produced.


Stands for Short Messaging Service. When GSM was released in 1991, so was SMS and by far the most popular factor of GSM. SMS can only contain upto 160 characters and is also known as a text message.


Stands for Time Division Multiple Access. It is a digital mobile phone network that operates in the US, Latin America, New Zealand, parts of Russia, Asia, and the Pacific. TDMA is used by other popular cellular networks such as GSM.


Stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. This will be used to transmit 3G communications over.


Stands for Wireless Area Protocol. The set of rules/specifications a wireless device connects to the Internet with.

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