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Motorola C300 Specification

The Motorola C300 specification is very useful knowledge as it can enhance your knowledge of the mobile which allows you to use the mobile to its full potential.

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Motorola C300 Specifications
Brilliant mind. Playful soul. Great body. No, we're not talking about an eligible dating prospect … it's your new techno soul mate, the Motorola C300. It's the perfect partner as you navigate life's little dramas. The Motorola C300 will be your constant connection during your daily commute, right through to the after-dark romp. More than your average mobile, the Motorola C300 can be tailored to your personal style using Funlights to set the keypad and screen to flash in different patterns with a cool blue glow when your Mum calls! You can also designate special icon tags and ring tones to keep track of that unwieldy list of friends, family and colleagues. Games, downloadable ring tones and screensavers, chat messaging and more make the Motorola C300 quite the catch!

Personalisation / Fun features

Downloadable Screensavers
Messaging Service - EMS
SMS = The short message service (SMS) enables you to send and receive text messages using your Motorola mobile phone or personal communicator. Depending on your network service provider and your plan, you can send messages to other mobile phones or to PCs, domestically or internationally. The cost is usually a low, flat rate or even free, depending on your contract. MMS = Send and receive pictures, sounds and animations with your messages. MMS is as easy to use as sending a standard text message, but now you can really bring your messages to life. EMS = enhanced messaging service.
100-number phone book
The list of contacts you've stored in your phone's internal memory excluding those on the SIM card. The maximum number of entries you can store in the phone is fixed; the number of entries you can store on your SIM depends on your network provider.
Identify your callers with Funlights. Set the keypad and screen to flash in different patterns!
Dual-Band GSM900/1800 (automatic band selection)
Battery - Up to 330 minutes talk time
The total time a battery can power a phone for mobile calls. As the phone drains the battery during a call, the talk time left in the battery is diminished until the phone is turned off or the battery recharged. The longer the talk time the less frequently you will need to recharge.
Date and Clock
Dimensions - 101x42 x19 mm
Downloadable Ring Tones
Phone software supports digital downloads of ringtones to personalise your phone.
Icon and list based menu system
The Icon based menu makes it easier to navigate through the phone.
Integrated Antenna
Integrated Antenna gives equal performance to an external antenna without impairing the product styling.
iTAP™ Predictive text
Motorola Itap™ software makes messaging easier by anticipating the word you are spelling and filling the rest automatically. Itap™ simplified key entry shortens the number of key presses.
PIM functionality
PIM (Personal Information Management) functionality enables you to manage your life easier. Examples are Calendar, Contacts and Address Book, Task List, Notes, Date / Time with alarms.
Standby Time - Up to 170 hours
The time a battery can power a phone in the standby mode, switched on and ready to make or receive a call, without being used for an actual call. The longer a phone is in standby mode, the less standby time remains in the battery.
Motorola mobile phones equipped with VibraCall® can alert you to an incoming call by vibrating instead of ringing.
Volume - 70cc
Volume gives the cubic centimetre (cc) measurement of the phone.
WAP - WAP (1.2.1)
Wireless application protocol (WAP) is the first global standard for Internet services over mobile phone networks. It is capable of displaying "mini websites", which look simple when compared with normal websites but which already provide a variety of powerful services, including banking, ticket purchase, news updates and more. See the WAP Demo for more information.
Weight - 82g

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