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Motorola M8989 Specification

The Motorola M8989 specification is very useful knowledge as it can enhance your knowledge of the mobile which allows you to use the mobile to its full potential.

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Motorola M8989 Specifications
The M8989 allows peace of mind travel with dual band capabilty. Voice recognition combined with an 8 watt (Max GSM 900) power output allows safe, high quality hands-free operation for those who need to stay connected.

Personalisation / Fun features

Dual-Band GSM900/1800 (automatic band selection)
Voicemail records voice messages for you to reply to at your convenience. It operates automatically when your mobile phone is switched off or has no signal, or when you don't pick up a call after a certain number of rings. You can also prompt it to take a message for you if a call comes at an inconvenient time.
VoiceNotes™ enables you to record a voice memo at the touch of a dedicated button at the side of the phone.
Smart Button
Dimensions - 26 x 55 x 161 mm
Call diverting
Call diverting/call transfer allows you to divert voice, data or fax calls.
Quick Access
The short message service (SMS) enables you to send and receive text messages using your Motorola mobile phone or personal communicator. Depending on your network service provider and your plan, you can send messages to other mobile phones or to PCs, domestically or internationally. The cost is usually a low, flat rate or even free, depending on your contract.
Caller line identifier (CLI)
A CLI-enabled phone will show the phone number of incoming calls on the handset's display, provided the mobile network (e.g., Orange, One2One, BT Cellnet, Vodafone or Virgin Mobile) supports this function.
SIM Application Tool kit
The SIM Application Toolkit is a mechanism that lets you use your SIM card to customise your phone's operation.
By running an application resident in the SIM card's memory, the toolkit allows you to define certain phone functions, such as what appears on the display and your menu structure.
Memory - Up to 155 names/numbers
Display Type - 96 x 32 pixels for text
Call waiting
Whilst on a call, call waiting gives you an audible and graphical alert that a 2nd caller is trying to get through. You can then switch between calls.

Available in RSS feed format

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